The Soul Shine Lab

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to be the best parent you can be? The best partner you can be? Or the best contributor to your own happiness? In the Soul Shine Lab, you will learn the discipline of bringing intentionality to whatever is presenting itself in your life at this juncture. Enrollment is open for just a few days! Pay $1200 in full for a full year, or choose the $100 per month payment plan.

Cultivate your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

If you commit to this work, I guarantee you that you will feel a renewed sense of freedom in your life simply by making the decision to become responsible for the only thing you have control over in your life—your own happiness and personal fulfillment.

Trust me. You weren't taught these lessons when you were in school. But you so desperately need them to thrive in today’s high-stress, high-pressure, over-scheduled life.

These are the classes I needed when I was...

in my 30's.

These are the classes I needed to help me navigate being a lawyer practicing full time with three children under the age of 5, a full roster of community boards, and a husband that worked full time as well.

in my 40's.

These are the classes I needed to guide me through the most challenging 10 years of my life when my middle son, Brennan, was diagnosed with leukemia, a health crisis that involved three relapses, four life-saving bone marrow transplants, and three different children’s hospitals in three different states.

in my 50's.

These are the classes I unsuccessfully scoured the internet for when my family struggled to return to life after living on the front lines of childhood cancer. As I crossed the threshold of 50, I needed to rest, integrate my profound grief and gratitude, and learn to move forward instead of "bouncing back."

Hi. I'm Tara Simkins.

I coach highly capable, resilient women who are looking for a better way to do this thing called "life," a way that includes actually loving the life you are currently living with ALL of YOUR dreams and responsibilities. There IS room for both.

Tara Simkins

Tara, a certified Life Coach School Life Coach, a certified money coach, and certified mentor coach, is the founder of Soul Works, LLC, a professional life coaching company offering personal coaching and online personal enrichment classes for women who are ready to explore the inner work necessary to live a joyful, meaningful and fulfilled life; and co-founder of the Press On Fund which funds novel and less toxic childhood cancer research.

What to Expect

The Soul Shine Lab is an evidence-based curriculum designed to spark your imagination and create a personal practice to listen to and explore the deeper questions bubbling within you and reconcile whatever needs to be reconciled so that you may design a vital and vibrant way to be in today’s world that is so married to being busy.
  • Weekly Classes: I teach a class on a specific topic and we apply the lesson right-away, workshop-style. I also take your questions and provide coaching. Each month we meet on three Tuesdays 12:30–1:30 p.m. eastern time via an online meeting room.

  • Weekly Study Hall: You may submit written questions to me ahead of calls or, ideally, you can participate live. We delve into any places you are stuck applying the Soul Shine Lab lessons and tools.

  • Live Coaching: Request to be coached during our weekly calls. You can show up and ask questions, or submit your private information so that you can be anonymously coached—and supported—in the group.

  • Regular Emails: I commit to being present in your life and supporting you, therefore, I show up regularly in your inbox with gentle reminders about how to apply the Soul Shine Lab philosophy and actions, as well as inspiring resources.

  • Online course library: It's easy to lose track of emails therefore all of the Soul Shine Lab course content—audio recordings, resources, and worksheets—are stored and organized in an online course platform so you can access your content anywhere, at anytime.

Sample Curriculum

Each month we take a fresh dive into a different topic designed and especially curated to meet you where you are and take you to your next growth edge.

  • Time Abundance

    Walk away understanding that BUSY is the nastiest four-letter word in our vocabulary these days. We know that our use and reliance on this word is creating the soul-crushing results we are experiencing: exhaustion, overwhelm, confusion, no time for us in our lives, self-judgment, and worry about disappointing others.

  • The Art of Golden Repair in Our Relationship

    You are human and you judge. You decide to cast someone else in the role of Master of your life and your feelings. This not only feels awful, but it strips us of our rightful role in life. There is a better way.

  • Heartfelt Appreciation and Non-Judgement

    Instead of thinking thoughts that will create warm and fuzzy feelings, we think thoughts that push the availability of those feelings further away. There is much beauty in this understanding and discovering why our brains are doing this.

  • Maintaining Gentle and Willing Hearts

    What if we decided it was no longer okay to beat ourselves up and treat ourselves like we don't matter? What if we refused to think mean thoughts about ourselves or judge ourselves and instead met ourselves with the compassion of an open and willing heart?

  • How to Use Atomic Habits

    Allow every day to be its own masterpiece -- blunders, and absurdities included. Begin the next day with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense -- that nonsense being beating yourself up for any imperfect action or thoughts of falling short or not enough.

  • Creating Meaningful Work

    I'll share why I believe TRUST is the strongest antidote to the feelings that affect us during days of uncertainty, as well as the continual need to up-level our mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.

  • Generating Happiness

    The happiest place on earth is inside of you. Let's find it and let it overflow into our lives. This is our work inThe Soul Shine Lab, and we are going to actively develop our skillset of generating this capacity in our classes.

  • The Power of Neutral + Nonjudgement

    By committing to nonjudgment, I have predecided mistakes to mean that I am stupid, not enough, or can’t get my life together. Rather, I have predecided to believe in the Model and the Power of Neutral Circumstances + Nonjudgment, which reinforces the belief that nothing has gone wrong.

Love Notes

From my "Soul Shines" group members

“Thanks so much! The Soul Shine Lab is on my calendar! Like my Body Pump and Yoga classes! Non-negotiable! I have learned this week that I’m making all of this toooooo complicated! The C doesn’t have to be a major drama of life! Practice on the SIMPLE Circumstances! I’m more at ease just taking a simple Circumstance and doing the work. The R is reasonable, simple, and sensible...not earth-shattering.... but life-changing! Therefore, when earth-shattering drama happens, I’ve had practice! I’ve been thinking I need to find drama in every circumstance...Not true. This is so freeing! ”


“She’s so bold!! But what she is saying here resonates with me and I know it’s bc of our soul work. I can’t help but think of our question “what do I get to create today?” and how it has the ability to move us away from judgement/suffering and taps into curiosity, possibilities and freedom.”


“Yesterday was absolutely awesome. You created a sacred space and beautiful hearts showed up. It is refreshing to be in a sanctuary where there is no judgment from a single person. Only acceptance and love and lifting. To be in a place where people genuinely desire to remove attachments that keep us from choosing love is powerful. Thank you for my bracelet, a tangible reminder of the community you have created. Thank you for gifting this workshop. ”


“I want to thank you for your wisdom and guidance during this Tuesday’s class. It was like magic. What has manifested since then is surprising and amazing. I had an interview yesterday with a women’s integrated health center for a role that I’ve been wishing for for a long while. I feel like I’m heading towards my dharma, and a new delight and lightness and freeness. I love this work that you’re doing and teaching us. I’ve been actively avoiding TV and replacing it with journaling, meditation, and Qigong, and riding my bike around the neighborhood. Feeling centered and grounded. I’ve been observing when my thoughts are trying to rewrite the past and bringing them back to the present. ”


“It was the best. On the intimacy convo, The Mingling of Souls has been recommended to me several times and even for teens to read. I haven’t read it but it’s in my amazon basket. I do feel like I want to hear more about your transition out of the “mean reds”/ “blues” stage of life (depression can be such a negative and subjective term). I was so amazed and inspired by your honesty with all you had going on. ”