You ARE a strong, resilient and capable woman.

But perhaps it feels impossible to make space for yourself in your own life. You take care of everyone around you, and everyone turns to you in times of need. But who do you turn to? Who guides you through your own day-to-day challenges?

Do you want to love your life like you have never loved it before?

Do you want to live less from a place of putting out fires and more from a place of cultivating meaning, purpose and beauty throughout your day? Stop waiting for your busy season to come to an end...

Hi. I'm Tara Simkins.

I coach highly capable, resilient women who are looking for a better way to do this thing called "life," a way that includes actually loving the lives they are currently living with all of their dreams and responsibilities. There is room for both.

Soul-u-tions Podcast

Join me, Tara Simkins, as I take you on a journey of mindfulness to find creative and healthy ways to solve life's problems.

Love Notes from Soul Friends

“In one session, Tara gently opened my mind to a new thought that shifted everything for me. The traction that I gain with Tara as my coach is priceless. Tara beautifully shows me my mind and the way to continue to evolve as a person and a fellow certified coach.”


“You’re the first person who gave me the confidence to call myself a writer and I’ll always be grateful for that. Yesterday I met with my publisher last week here in Boston about how to market my book and what to title it. I'm so excited!”

Karon W.

“I wanted to thank you, Tara. In dealing with all this “life,” I just know I’d be under the covers if I didn’t have you and all the valuable tools I’ve learned. It's still a work in progress but I'm so grateful.”


“Yesterday I had one of those days where time certainly seemed like a bully! After our meeting, I reframed it and got curious about how it would feel not to see time that way, and that led to lots of writing. I woke up this morning feeling much more energized and much more at peace. ”


“Soul School is on my calendar! Like my Body Pump and Yoga classes. It’s non-negotiable! I’ve been thinking I need to find drama in every circumstance! I’ve learned that’s not true! This is so freeing!”


“I want to say thank you and share my gratitude towards you. Today I realized everything we have talked about. Life is all about grace and gratitude, but not what we can see, but we have been given in faith and what we can give to others. Thank you for giving me a second chance and seeing the best in me. I look forward to our next session.”


“I’ve felt the desire to live life differently for so long now and I’ve read all the right books and listened to all the right podcasts but I depended so much on my circumstances and people in my life changing that I constantly hit a roadblock. Duh. Enter the magician: You! I feel this work changing me I feel my whole world change.”


“Several of you have asked me about my Life Coach Tara. I've joined other students, now close friends, to learn from her for three years, most every Tuesday morning. Over coffee. Over Laughter. Grounded in grace. Tara creates sacred space, sanctuary, where we center and listen deeply. Since working with Tara, I've become more grounded and have experienced a shift from fear to love. ”


“Tara Simkins creates a beautiful space for me to grow into my future self! She challenges me to move from stagnation to liberation in my journey into my future. The safe space Tara fosters with these diverse and beautiful women is a treasure I receive with gratitude and love!”

C. Sprouse

Life is Uncertain. Don't wait for change.

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