1+1 Soul Coaching

This could be the most exciting, gratifying, freeing and humbling work you will ever do. Simply start by telling me a little bit about you and what you want...

Here’s why you should want to do it:

Because you are ALIVE.

Because the world is filled with uncertainty and you don’t want to leave the things that you can control in life up to chance.

Because you want to become the best version of yourself for yourself, your partner, your kids, and the work you do in the world.

Because you may feel overwhelmed and lost in all of the trying.

Because it is the ULTIMATE GIFT that you can give yourself, your marriage, your parenting, and your great work in this world in the time you have been given on this beautiful planet.

Here's how it works:

You tell me where you are in your life, how you have gotten here, and where you want to go—even if it is just some place other than here.

I listen.

We formulate a plan to get you from here to there.

Then, we go about the work of realizing that plan.

It really is that simple.

Through the process of committing to your personal growth and wellbeing, you will give yourself:

The gift of digging deep.

The gift of getting to know why you do what you do.

The gift of questioning what you believe about your relationships to free yourself and your relationships from the limitations you may have placed upon them consciously or unconsciously.

The gift to go beyond where you are now

The gift to truly know yourself and love yourself.

The gift to know how you serve.

The gift of Yes! to yourself and your life.

To get started, tell me a little about yourself...

Soul Notes From Clients

“Thank you for giving me the gift of digging deep...real deep. I felt a sense of forgiveness (towards my dad) later to which I thought was neat. So grateful for you and your heart. 💕”


“How do you put a price on a year? In one session, Tara gently opened my mind to a new thought that shifted everything for me. The traction that I gain with Tara as my coach is priceless. Tara beautifully shows me my mind and the way to continue to evolve as a person and a fellow certified coach.”


“I want to say thank you and share my gratitude towards you. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life and seeing the best in me. I look forward to our next session.”


“I’ve felt the desire to live life differently for so long now and I’ve read all the right books and listened to all the right podcasts but I depended so much on my circumstances and people in my life-changing that I constantly hit a roadblock. Duh. Enter the magician: you!”


“What a beautiful gift you gave to me: A Year of Me. I will work my best to honor myself and the beautiful gift you gave. ”

Jenny Lou

“I could just talk to you FOREVER! It’s amazing how you have these “aha” moments that give you pause and then the universe responds positively with encouragement so you have to believe you’re on the right path. This morning was THAT for me PLUS you always ask new questions that make me continue to explore and grow.”


“You are a teacher not a preacher. When you google 'accountability coach' it seems they are all yelling and shaming. How to approach is through learning together and sharing experiences (which is what I feel we do) rather than teaching a lesson or questioning what someone else is doing. Love you and what I learn from being your friend!”


Are you ready to commit to YOUR personal growth and wellbeing?