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A new podcast for the Pilgrim Soul in you filled with beautiful questions, meditations, and stories to guide us on the way. Listen on Apple itunes — and access all the bonus materials by subscribing...

Listener Feedback...

“Thanks for this today. I just happened to “relisten” this morning. And boy did I need it. I feel lately I keep “eating that bag of Doritos” I love and appreciate you! ”

Natalie Lee

“Listened to your most recent podcast. Beautiful. Being so humbled and grateful for the girl/woman who has brought me to where I am today. Wow. Thank you so much. Can't wait to hear about the Year of You retreat! ”


“I want you to know how much I'm enjoying your podcasts! Each time I listen to one, I can't wait to listen to another. They really speak to me and help me to slow down and take a more mindful approach to my day—which is so much easier said than done! The idea that our life is a gift is an absolute truth that I wish I could live out more intentionally day-to-day.”