With a little pixie dust and their usual magic, Tara and Martha are conjuring the perfect rejuvenating retreat experience for you to enjoy wherever you are.

We are standing on the threshold of a momentous and collective shift. This is a unique and possibly miraculous opportunity to reflect and reignite the vision of your life.

The place to start is always the same: Within yourself, by remembering your own Sacred Nature.

Most people are waiting for things to go back to the way they were before. As you know, life doesn’t work that way. The nature of life is to expand, to evolve, to grow, and, heaven forbid, to even elevate. You are not like most people.

In the past, the magic of hand-picked destinations to retreat to never failed to transform and center us. But this Spring, we are all safer at home, so we are conjuring up a delicious, rejuvenating retreat that you can experience in the most sacred space, your own home.

Say "YES" to yourself by joining us for our beautifully and soulfully curated at-home, online retreat experience. Sign up below to join our waitlist for the next retreat!

This enchanted retreat is for you if...

If you find yourself in the unchartered territory of this pandemic feeling overwhelmed 

  • Overwhelmed by the unknown;
  • Overwhelmed by the vast and conflicting messages on the facts; and
  • Overwhelmed by the overriding pressure to do a million little things

This retreat is intentionally and lovingly designed to:

  • Introduce you to the peace that is possible even in the eye of the unknown
  • Develop your trust in your innate wisdom and spiritual intelligence so that you may reclaim your inward autonomy; and 
  • Ennoble you to gather the scattered parts of yourself, sifting, expanding, and ultimately concentrating your energy into a beautiful and strong foundation for a flourishing future.

This enchanted retreat is

  • A feast for the soul filled with good company, good food, enriching conversation, and the perfect amount of movement and rest–right in your own home.

  • Carefully and lovingly designed for the woman who is in need of a break, who is looking for a strong, gentle nudge to pursue her personal dreams, or who is a pilgrim on a spiritual journey.

  • A safe and sacred time to explore doubts, release the Old with gratitude, invite and receive the New with grace and ease, and emerge fully embodying joy, and empowered to return to daily life rejuvenated and inspired.

  • Infused with Martha and Tara’s twinkling nature, sense of playfulness, love of laughter and deep belief in mystery and magic.

What to expect at this retreat @home

  • We will give you all the guidance and tools you need to create this sanctuary at home.

  • We will meet for 1 hour (3:00 - 4:00 pm EDT) daily via Zoom so that we can collectively set a tone and intention for the day. These sessions will be recorded, in case you can’t make it at the actual time.

  • We will guide you in morning qigong and evening yoga sessions, just like we do in our other retreats, but these will be pre-recorded so that you can fit them into your day when you feel ready.

  • We will share with you daily poems, meditations, relaxation techniques to create rejuvenating morning and evening rituals.

  • We will give you a private online community, just for our group, where you can share your thoughts and reflections, and connect with your fellow attendees.

  • All resources, videos, meditations, readings, and recordings will be yours to keep forever and always, so you can re-create the retreat experience whenever and wherever you like, or pace yourself by fitting in a session here or there throughout the summer.

You will leave this retreat ready to enter the next phase of this uncharted territory with a lightness of spirit and clarity of vision you never dreamed possible.

Your Guides

Tara and Martha are mountain and ocean lovers, adventure seekers, seasoned guides, accomplished dancers dedicated to lifelong ease of movement, fellow Aquarians and spiritual pilgrims who love to share their lifelong quests, insights and learnings in order for others to find their joy and power.

Martha Simkins Davis

Martha Simkins Davis, MBA. is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, certified money coach, Ring Leader Equine Assisted Learning Coach, 500 CYT Yoga Instructor, QiGong Shibashi Instructor, Reiki Master, Karuna® Reiki Master, founder of ACTION, a non-profit for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS. She is a life coach for smart, spiritual women ready to step more fully into their lives in order to lead joyful, purposeful, fulfilling lives.

Tara Simkins

Tara, a certified Life Coach School Life Coach, a certified money coach, and certified mentor coach, is the founder of Soul Works, LLC, a professional life coaching company offering personal coaching and online personal enrichment classes for women who are ready to explore the inner work necessary to live a joyful, meaningful and fulfilled life; and co-founder of the Press On Fund which funds novel and less toxic childhood cancer research.

“Depending on where an individual is in their life — whether they just need to take a break, or they needed a strong, gentle nudge to pursue personal dreams, or like me, a seeker on a pilgrimage — I strongly believe what you and Tara have created and brought personally to the moment is what The Sacred Nature Retreat is all about.”


“Thank you so much for all the work you invested to make the Sacred Retreat such a special time together. I returned home renewed and rejuvenated physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have much to marinate on for future personal growth this year. It was such a joy to be with this amazing group of women. I enjoyed getting to know each and every one!”


“Dear Martha and Tara, I want to thank you for the healing sacred retreat! You both are my spiritual warriors and inspiration. I have had a peaceful week and many healing feelings achieved through both of you and the work I experienced! The equine therapy as you both know was an amazing experience for me and difficult to translate into words. I am grateful for your guidance and friendship. ”


“The Sacred Retreat was exactly what I needed when I needed it. The insights I gained were abundant -- so much wisdom to reflect upon, cool ideas to ponder; a lot of encouragement that I needed to hear. I loved each and every reading that Martha chose to share with us over the weekend. Our planned opportunities for private time provided much-needed introspection.”


“ Thanks to you and Tara and the construct of the retreat you created a place where I was safe, I was loved, and I was free to either do anything I wanted or needed. It was just the right amount of everything: food, fellowship, solitude and physical energy. ”

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